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9 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Comments (Custom & Cheap)

TikTok, with its booming popularity, is not just about having a vast follower base or getting likes on your videos. Comments play a pivotal role in enhancing your engagement, as they indicate a deeper level of interaction from viewers. Buying genuine TikTok comments can give your content the nudge it needs to go viral. Here are nine of the best sites where you can buy custom and cheap TikTok comments:

1. Virally Media:

  • Website: VirallyMedia.org
  • USP: Offers custom comments tailored to your video’s content.
  • Pricing: Affordable with multiple package options.

2. BuyRealTikTokComments:

  • Website: BuyRealTikTokComments.com
  • USP: Known for providing real and organic TikTok comments.
  • Pricing: Cost-effective plans with bulk discounts.

3. TikFuel:

  • Website: TikFuel.com
  • USP: Speedy delivery with options for custom comments.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing with a money-back guarantee.

4. TokUpgrade:

  • Website: TokUpgrade.co
  • USP: Uses advanced targeting options to ensure relevant comments.
  • Pricing: Various packages to suit different budget ranges.

5. TikTokLove:

  • Website: TikTokLove.com
  • USP: High retention comments from real users.
  • Pricing: Multiple tiered plans available.

6. Bouxtok:

  • Website: Bouxtok.com
  • USP: Customizable comments from genuine profiles.
  • Pricing: Discounted plans for bulk purchases.

7. TokCaptain:

  • Website: TokCaptain.com
  • USP: Known for its quick turnaround and high-quality comments.
  • Pricing: Diverse pricing options for various needs.

8. SocialViral:

  • Website: SocialViral.com
  • USP: Offers 24/7 customer support and real comments.
  • Pricing: Affordable with instant delivery.

9. Tiktify:

  • Website: Tiktify.com
  • USP: Provides a mix of custom and generic comments.
  • Pricing: Packages available for all types of content creators.


While these platforms can provide an immediate boost to your TikTok engagement through comments, it’s essential to choose wisely. Aim for sites that guarantee real comments from genuine users, ensuring your account’s safety and your brand’s authenticity. Always prioritize quality over quantity and remember to continue producing captivating content for organic growth alongside these boosts.

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